17th Pre-Meeting Course

“Future Scenarios in Hepatology”

Session I

What will change in hepatology and in the management of chronic viral infections

The changing face of liver diseases in Europe - D. Prati, Lecco

HCV treatment in the future: really smooth or challenging? - M. Puoti, Milan

Management of chronic HBV patients under long-term suppressive therapy - B. Coco, Pisa (in attesa di autorizzazione) 

Session 2

Beyond the era of viral hepatitis

Burden of NASH and new therapies: what holds the future - G. Svegliati Baroni, Ancona

Burden of DILI (Drug-Induced Liver Injury) - V.J. Navarro, Philadelphia (PA, USA)

Autoimmune hepatobiliary disease: how to improve treatment efficacy - A. Lleo de Nalda, Rozzano

Appropriate clinical use of albumin - P. Caraceni, Bologna

Session 3

Studying chronic liver diseases: changing strategies?

The significance of ultrasonography in non-malignant liver disease - F. Piscaglia, Bologna (in attesa di autorizzazione) 

Surrogate indicators of liver fibrosis and antifibrotic therapies - M. Pinzani, London (UK)

Invasive and non-invasive approaches for the assessment of portal hypertension and related complications - F. Schepis, Modena

Session 4

Treatment of advanced diseases and malignancy in the future

Future of stem cell therapy in liver disease - D. Alvaro, Rome

Novel therapeutic strategies in hepatocellular carcinoma - F. Farinati, Padua

Emerging indications for liver transplantation - M. Strazzabosco, Milan

Usefulness of HBsAg: determination in chronic hepatitis B - F. Invernizzi, Milan

Usefulness of serum and genetic biomarkers in metabolic liver disease - E. Vanni, Turin