18th Pre-Meeting Course

“Update on the Management of Acute Liver Failure”

Session I: Aetiology and diagnosis of acute liver failure

Definition and epidemiology - R. Volpes, Palermo

Diagnostic work-up and initial management of ALF - A. Marzano, Turin (in attesa di autorizzazione)

Immune response and immune dysfunction in ALF - G. Missale, Parma


Session II: Specific treatments of acute liver failure

N-acetyl-cysteine for acetaminophen poisoning and other aetiologies - A. Licata, Palermo

Viral causes of ALF and their treatment - G.B. Gaeta, Naples

Additional supportive therapy (biological versus non biological devices) - A. Gasbarrini, Rome

Management of haemostasis in ALF before and during liver transplantation - R.T. Stravitz, Richmond (VA, USA)

Session III: Management of complications

Acute kidney Injury in ALF - P. Angeli, Padua

Infections in ALF: prevention and treatment - S. Fagiuoli, Bergamo

SIRS and multiorgan failure in ALF - L. De Pietri, Modena


Session IV: Liver transplantation for ALF 

Never too late and never too soon: how to decide to list a patient with ALF and the role of hepatological and ICU scores - S. Ginanni Corradini, Rome

Prognosis and timing for liver transplantation in ALF due to DILI - G. Germani, Padua

Role of transplantation in ALF - M. Cescon, Bologna