19th Pre-Meeting Course

“Vascular diseases of the liver”

Session I: Diagnostic work-up in patients presenting with vascular liver diseases

Work-up for hypercoagulability - R. De Cristofaro, Rome

How to diagnose myeloproliferative diseases and PNH - V. De Stefano, Rome

Session II: Portal vein obstruction

Acute portal vein thrombosis - O. Riggio, Rome

Natural history and management of complications of chronic extrahepatic portal vein obstruction - M. Primignani, Milan

Session III: Hepatic venous obstruction

Lecture Up-date in Budd-Chiari syndrome - A. Plessier, Paris (France)

Sinusoidal occlusion syndrome: a rare and severe disease - M. Senzolo, Padua

Outflow obstruction for cardiac diseases: what the hepatologist needs to know - O. Milanesi, Padua

Session IV: Special conditions

Natural history of obliterative portal venopathy, a heterogenous entity with heterogeneous presentation - S. Fagiuoli, Bergamo

Rendu-Osler disease - E. Buscarini, Crema (CR)

Vascular complications in liver transplantation: prevention and management - M. Vivarelli, Ancona

Session V: Therapeutic approaches to vascular liver diseases

New anticoagulants in vascular liver diseases with and without cirrhosis - F. Dentali, Varese

Role of vascular interventional radiology in vascular liver diseases - R. Miraglia, Palermo

Is there still a role for surgery in non-cirrhotic portal hypertension - U. Cillo, Padua