20th Pre-Meeting Course

“Invasive procedures in Hepatology”

Session I: Perioperative care

Safely sedating the patient with liver disease - A. De Gasperi, Milan
Periprocedural management of bleeding and thrombotic risk  - L. Spiezia, Padua
Antibiotic prophylaxis - G. Taliani, Rome

Session II: Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in patients with cirrhosis

Invasive evaluation of portal hypertension - V. La Mura, Milan
Ascites: old and new non-pharmacological treatments - F. Schepis, Modena
Role of endoscopy in the management of complications of portal hypertension - M. Senzolo, Padua

Session III: Focal liver lesions

The evolving role of liver biopsy: from diagnosis to prognosis and treatment - G. Cabibbo, Palermo
Hepatocellular carcinoma: mini-invasive approach  - M. Barabino, Milan
Hepatocellular carcinoma: intra-arterial treatments - I. Bargellini, Pisa
Treatment of abscesses and hepatic cysts - C. Di Stasi, Rome

Session IV: Biliary tree

Clinical and technological advances in endoscopic ultrasound - I. Tarantino, Palermo
Clinical and technological advances in ERCP - A. Tringali, Rome
Biliary strictures: what role for PTBC? - M. Sponza, Udine