Becoming a member of AISF means becoming part of the largest and most active Italian scientific community. AISF members are clinicians and researchers from different medical areas (gastroenterology, internal medicine, infective diseases, liver surgery and transplants, basic science) who study cover the biology, pathophysiology, pathology and all clinical aspects of liver disease.

Payment of the membership fee entitles members to:

– receive regular notices of all activities promoted by the Association

– a free subscription (soft copy) to the “Digestive and Liver Disease” journal

– participate in the Annual Meeting, the Monothematic Conference and the Single Topic Conferences free of charge.

– use the AISF App free of charge.

Additionally, AISF members can participate in the General Meeting of Members, vote to elect the Co-ordinating Committee, are entitled to propose and choose the Monothematic Conference, the Study Committees and the Studies sponsored by AISF.